Counseling Services

We provide counseling for individuals, couples (including premarital), families, and youth (13-18).


Group counseling can be very beneficial for individuals seeking knowledge and healing on the same topics or issues. It allows for participants to learn from one another, provides helpful learning materials, and offers a place to not feel as alone in struggles.


Is your relationship not in the place you had hoped? Are you and your partner experiencing more tension and pain than in the past? Are you considering getting married, or are you already in the process and looking for premarital counseling?

Divorce and Separation

Are you considering a separation or divorce for your relationship? Or are you already in the process? Our skilled counselors can support you in this difficult season.


Is your experience with your family less than you had hoped? Are conflicts or differences getting the best of your family? Are you struggling to learn how to have a successful blended family?


Have you been feeling down, unmotivated, alone, or sad? Experiencing depression can feel scary, painful and isolating. You don’t have to go through it alone; our counselors are here to walk with you out of the darkness.


Do you find yourself living in a continual state of anxiety? Do you have panic attacks? Are you struggling with obsessive and compulsive behaviors/thoughts? Experiencing anxiety can interfere with our everyday lives, interrupt our daily functioning and steal our joy.

Grief & Loss

Have you lost someone you love? Have you gone through a life change that subsequently caused you to experience loss? Have you lost a job, received a difficult diagnosis for you or your child, or experienced crushing disappointment? Do you find sadness is part of your daily life? The impact of grief can extend long after a loss, as it comes and goes in unpredictable waves, and can leave us feeling isolated.


A person can become addicted to many things, which overtime cripples their ability to function. Drugs. Alcohol. Food. Exercise. Sex. Gambling. Admitting to an addiction is the first hard step. Seeking out help is the second.

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction can manifest itself in both our behaviors and our thoughts. Overtime it can lead to isolation and devastation, making fear and despair a way of life. Freedom from sexual addiction is possible and joy and hope can be recovered.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Does an experience from your past continue to trigger anxiety for you today? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a form of anxiety commonly experienced by people who have lived through, or been witness to, horrific events, abuse, and trauma. Discover relief from the control of these past memories.


Anyone can experience abuse, both children and adults. Abuse can be seen or unseen, manifesting in physical, emotional, mental, or sexual ways in a controlling relationship. Regardless of how recent your abuse has been, having a trained professional to walk through the healing process with you is vital in your recovery.

Relationship Difficulties

Do your close relationships feel strained, painful, tenuous, or stressful? Are you dissatisfied with your social life or family ties? The relationships in our lives can bring us great joy, as well as much heartache. Learning about our personal relational styles, patterns, and longings can help us formulate new ways to relate and develop satisfying relationship

Eating Disorder & Body Image

Do you wrestle with your body image, calorie intake, exercise regimen, or weight in ways that hinder your health or daily life? Struggling with how you look or what you eat impacts both male and females. Learning to view yourself and food in a healthy way, healing from the control of food, and freedom from body image issues is possible.